Sedona Tranformation SPA

Breathwork Journeys

In the midst of the beautiful, inspiring red rocks of Sedona, you can deeply pamper yourself while getting clarity, peace, and inner much more than a mere  day spa service...

Inner Changes to Transform Your 


Feeling lost?  Need a change? At A crossroad?

Natural Healing Awaits........

Breathwork is a complete self-healing, guiding system using conscious breath to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace, clarity, relief, and greater joy in life. Breathwork facilitates greater physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Have you ever had a deep, caring, highly trained massage therapist connect with your very soul, pamper your body, intuit your needs and be so Present with you that you transcend the trappings of time and chaotic life? Your time is now........

SoulTouch Massage

Your SPA experience




Are you exhausted? Feeling blocked? Stuck in old patterns? Feeling alone or misunderstood? Disempowered? Frustrated? Take charge of your life and feel deeply pampered by an intuitive massage therapist in the most supportive, loving atmosphere you could dream of.......with compassionate, expertise guidance, and simple practices to instantly shift your chaotic life into the life of your dreams.