Penny M. Elias, LMT

Your Massage Therapist and Breathwork Guide

Penny M. Elias is well known by her clients as an intuitive bodyworker and deeply gifted breathwork guide. She has an uncanny gift of guiding her clients and holding space for the miracles of breathwork. Her intuitive skill and her gentle strength is the ideal combination to transport your body into bliss during your SoulTouch Massage.

Penny is both an Arizona (MT-16493) and Florida (MA-35613) Licensed Massage Therapist and is also a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker. In addition to her many years of self commitment to practicing breathwork, she was trained and nurtured under the care of her breathwork teacher for many years to prepare her to be a breathwork journey facilitator. She has a rich background in various healing modalities (Reiki Master Certified, Therapeutic Touch, etc.) and numerous spiritual practices. She has had the opportunity to share her techniques with hundreds of clients from around the world. Her 18 years as a massage therapist and her vast experience in the healing arts have allowed her to to deepen her skills, intuition, further her education, and tweak her abilities into a truly unique experience.

Sedona Transformation Spa

Penny is also excited to share with you your private, enchanting, deeply sacred Sedona Transformation SPA. Your private SPA (Shifting, Purifying, Adventure) offers a more relaxing environment than larger spas without the disturbance of other therapists and clients coming and going from numerous treatment rooms, and even the smells from hair and nail services. It is your beautiful space to enjoy right in the heart of magical Sedona!

About Us

Sedona Tranformation SPA

"The ambiance and enchantment at Sedona Transformation SPA deeply moved me to want to re-create such a sacred place at my home."  Jessica, PA

“It is my deep honor and commitment to nurture you with heart-centered respect, honor, skill, intuition, compassion, wisdom, grace, safety and gentle strength. I look forward to being completely Present with you in service.” Penny

One entered the Sedona Transformation SPA sensing a sacred space.  There was a palpable stillness, yet aliveness obviously present.  The strategic decor, brought a sense of being welcomed into a space inhabited by a community of gentle wise beings. “ Rob, Sedona