Sedona Tranformation SPA

Penny integrates doTerra essential oils into her sessions.  To order yours go to:

The Transformational  

A must for those who are ready to truly         change their lives.

This session combines your SoulTouch Massage with a private Breathwork Journey for the ultimate pampering and healing of body, mind, and soul. Can you love yourself enough to gift yourself with this life changing experience?

The cost is $410 for 4 hours of tender love and guidance.  

SoulTouch Massage

This unrushed, TWO HOUR intuitive based experience is deeply relaxing yet highly therapeutic. As your body sinks into the unique comfort of the body cushions, very slow, connected strokes combined with detailed attention to muscles in “need” melts away tension. Your session may also include deep tissue work (when requested,) short blessing rituals, neuromuscular therapy, acupressure points, energy work designed to really move that stuck energy through your body, breathing techniques for relaxation and release, aromatherapy, and other Divine inspired modalities original to Penny alone.

Your two hour immersion in bliss is $195

If I were to encapsulate what I experienced in my SoulTouch Massage it would be: The Sanctity of Touch.......” Jeannie, Sedona 

Breathwork Journey

This powerful session teaches you how to consciously use your breath to guide you inward on a journey of self discovery and healing. Breathwork is a universal practice utilized by the majority of cultures to bring emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual
well-being. It helps us to reduce fears, worry and anxiety and set
life-enhancing intentions. It helps us heal core emotional wounds and past traumas, thereby allowing us to respond more consciously to life. It helps us become more fully Present and connect with the
Divine, creating the highest possible outcomes in our lives. Discover
how your breath can be the key to unlocking the inner doors to your
innate wholeness, joy and Presence. This session includes an MP3 of
the musical selection for you to take home with you.  Journey into
the vast kingdom that resides within and more deeply experience the meaning of "heaven on earth." 

Your two hour journey to awakening is $225.  

“My breathwork journey with Penny was quite possibly the real "awakening" for me.   I have never in my life felt such emotional release and realization about my connection to....Well, everything -spirit, energy, the ground of all being - it's hard to describe with words; words suddenly seem a bit inadequate. Penny really did change my life.” Charlie, CT