There is so much to say, I do not know where to begin. The ambiance in Sedona Transformation SPA is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Her heart's intent for the healing work she wants to do here is beyond evident. We chatted a bit before the session, and her sincerity and vulnerability were present, and this made me feel a sense of home. I have never been on a table that was as comfortable, with the pillows supporting so many parts of my body and the heat radiating, it was like a womb.

The massage was everything I wanted. Her hands are long, thin, and sweet. Her touch was excellent. I have a few pet peeves about massage, one of which is that there are what I call transition periods throughout a massage where the therapist is moving from one position to another or placing a part of your body in another spot.  In my past experiences this transition was abrupt.

Penny's transitions were like being carried and gently placed into the next aspect of the massage. I hope this makes sense, because this is huge. I felt like my body was in the safety of Penny's hands the entire time. This time together was as close to perfect as I could want.  The therapist, the room, the table, the vibe ..........TREAT YOURSELF TO THIS WOMAN.  Betina, Sedona

Penny's healing touch allowed me to do what I believe was the missing piece for healing my hip on a deeper level. Forgiveness is so difficult to do, and I guess in all my inner work, I had been resisting doing that. When Penny was massaging my hip, I was able to call Mom's spirit to me and I forgave her. That is why I was in tears after the massage.  I felt so grateful. Tianna, CO


Penny's massage is a complete act of love and service.  It is like when Mary Magdalene washed Jesus' feet with her hair.....It brings tears to my eyes. Sister Pat, FL

I went into the deepest state of relaxation I've ever been in. I felt like I'd come out of a deep abyss gasping a breath back into reality...then going deep down again...It was wonderful and has truly helped me to be more aware of my touch to others. I don't know if you realized that within seconds of the treatment I was sobbing from the beautiful feeling that came over me from your energy, the music, the aromas, the warmth, the love, all of it! Thank you Penny, your are truly a gifted angel and I appreciate your blessings.   Eva, Sedona

The high pace of my world never stops yet somehow, Penny reminds me who "I AM"........Jim, FL

My breathwork journey with Penny was "through the stratosphere." I have experienced holotropic breathwork before but the experience was no where near as powerful as this. I am still tearing up as I describe how life changing this was.  Pam, Ontario

An indulgent meditation with ultimate relaxation....Penny's massages are unlike any massage I've ever had. Just when you think it can’t get any better or you think you can't sink any deeper, or that it must be coming to an unfortunate end, you roll over for more...I always called this dessert! You will leave in a higher vibration ready to take on the world and counting down the time until your next session. Loralee, FL

As a retreat facilitator and provider I have the opportunity to experience many practitioners and varying modes of therapy. I've had every kind of massage imaginable, yet I have never experienced anything quite like I did with Penny. If I were to encapsulate what I experienced it would be: The Sanctity of Touch. I cannot remember a time in my life when I was ever cradled, swaddled and handled with such sweet and tender care. Whether with softly spoken words or gentle touch, Penny guided me gently through every step and from my arrival to departure every need was anticipated and provided for. I found myself re-visioning my infancy and pretending that my own parents and nurses had been that gentle with me and what my life might have looked like if they had. All I can say is wow and thank you. Jeannie, Sedona

Thank you for creating and holding the space for my breathwork journey. The sights, sounds and depth of my experience have brought new inspiration and freedom to my life. The sense of oneness, harmony and completeness is beyond my ability to describe in words. I hope to return there. Thank you from the fullness of my heart! John, MD


In this time and space, Penny is a bodhisattva. Her heart is a well-spring of love and compassion which flows down her hands and into everything she touches. Bob, Sedona

This summer I traveled 22 weeks, 24 states, and 20,000 miles on my RV trip. Penny was my “carrot at the end of the stick.” Knowing that once I returned to Sedona, I would once again treat myself to a wonderful 'Penny Massage' made the miles fly by. Thank you for a GREAT massage and for being such a talented, loving being. Tom, Sedona

What an invigorating experience that is Penny.  The benefits from my many years of receiving massage from Penny are too numerous to mention.  Her technique is superior and ever changing as she learns more about the negative areas in your body.  You will never get a boring or stagnant massage.  Whether you like to speak or not during your experience is not an issue, and she will take her cue from you.  For years I remained quiet as I had a stressful job and did not want chatter in my head.  But I eventually opened up to her and relayed both quandaries and accomplishments. Her level-headedness and adept observations are an asset.  After your session, you will feel energized both physically and metaphysically.  Lynn, FL

My breathwork with Penny was amazing, magical and profound. Then the massage was the best I have ever had, and I have had many massages from some of the best in the world! Kurt, CA

Sedona Tranformation SPA

“My breathwork journey with Penny was quite possibly the real "awakening" for me.   I have never in my life felt such emotional release and realization about my connection to....Well, everything - spirit, energy, the ground of all being - it's hard to describe with words; words suddenly seem a bit inadequate. Penny really did change my life.” Charlie, CT

I came in looking for a great massage......I came out with an experience that I can barely describe.  It was as if Penny activated every cell in my body........Mike, FL

I was so fortunate to have found Penny while I was 3 months pregnant.  I had been searching for the right massage therapist for years in Tampa.  I didn't just want your typical massage.  I needed someone that believed in healing the mind, body and spirit, along with meeting the needs of a slowly growing belly and the pain and soreness that goes with it.  After our first session, Penny not only became my regular therapist, she became a friend.  Her energy moved me into a deep state of relaxation, and her touch was so precise.  Almost like my body was communicating to her where and how to touch it.  I had never encountered anyone with this gift.  Over the next 6 months, I regularly saw Penny, and she never failed to give me everything my body, mind and spirit were needing.  I always left feeling refreshed and regenerated.  Along with yoga and acupuncture, I know that Penny's gift allowed me to have a beautiful, uncomplicated, natural birth.  Heather, FL

After my breathwork I had a huge release and it was a key moment to my healing. David, WA

After my massage, I sat in my car, and I took some time to feel every bit of the pleasure of being in my "new" body. (Indeed, I still am.) It was as though Penny had taken all the loose circuitry and put it back together in the most extraordinary way. Indeed I feel more whole, centered and juicy then I have in years. Penny provided a space for me that allowed me to fully relax, feel safe and open my heart. That is no small feat. I am incredibly grateful to her for this most sublime experience. She is a gift to this world and how fortunate am I to have experienced the magic of her touch. Karen, NM

One entered Sedona Transformation SPA sensing a sacred space. There was a palpable stillness, yet aliveness obviously present. The  strategic decor  in the room, brought a sense of being welcomed into a space inhabited by a community of gentle wise beings. I was not aware of the name “SoulTouch Massage” until afterwards, but recognized immediately that this perfectly described the depth of my physical and psychological experience. The table was softer and more comfortable than most, in itself inviting a safe secure deep state of relaxation. It was also at a temperature that was reminiscent of the just right temperature for settling into a warm spa bath, getting ready to be pampered. Her soft and gentle voice whispered permission to let go of all concerns, burdens, or sense of responsibility, opening a realization that this was my time, time to be attended to, restored and even pampered; something I do not normally allow for myself.

I had wondered if I would find peace and relaxation for what seemed to be a too long period of time for me to be still. Two hours? Too much I thought. The two hours felt like half an hour, leaving me wanting more. A whole day of this deeply relaxing soul touching feeling would have been welcomed. Each movement of Penny’s hand and the movement of each finger was slow and deliberate, expanding the sense of body as a sensual organic whole, deserving of nurturing attention and deep respect. I would call her massage “Mindfulness Massage” in addition to “SoulTouch Massage.” One can sense that she is totally in the experience, which invited one to also be fully and totally present, unburdened by any concerns or responsibilities involving past or future.

It is really hard to put into words that accurately capture and describe the whole of the experience. It was profoundly sensual, in a way that invited a new respect for the body as a sacred living organic beingness. I also felt her respect and care for the body in a way that seemed like an infusion of the same state of awareness, enhancing and promoting a self caring never before felt in this deeply embodied way. It was an experience of being connected to the whole of nature; no sense of separateness, time limitation or boundary. I felt myself to be Yin energy, the feminine open, receptive earth, being attended to by a gentle caring yet strong and purposeful Yang energy. Words and phrases entered my consciousness such as safe, trusting vulnerability; open receptivity; transcendence. This had never been part of any of the hundreds of massages I received by over thirty different massage therapists over a period of 40 years.

The body relaxed into the primal intelligence which birthed it and sustains it. The mind/body was totally free from the intrusion and interference of thought, taking it back to what one imagines it might have been like in the Garden of Eden before the fall into limited consciousness and ignorance. This was my experience in the first massage. I wondered if it was an anomaly, not to be re-experienced. I went back for a second massage and found that it was not an anomaly. It was not even a “massage.” It was an experience of massage in its purest, most complete archetypal expression.

Rob Berry, PhD

Psychotherapist and Focusing Instructor

Sedona, AZ

My most powerful session while visiting Sedona turned out to be the breathwork with Penny. I left my body and felt a big release from early childhood and entered another realm of who I am, leaving me in a divine place of knowing that experience will change me forever. Sharon, NC

YOU have been a key piece in giving me an oxygen line.

YOU, in your succulence, have helped, Penny. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

YOUR magic work has helped me. PLEASE know this. I love and cherish you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Your gift to me fed me so much, moved so much, and helped to heal so much. Sally, AZ